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The Tale of Curious Nale

K-2 Science – K2.Sci.ESS.1 Patterns of Objects in the Sky

Nale the curious snail helps you observe and learn about patterns of objects in the sky, day-night cycles and the seasons. At the end of the game, students can use various tools to make observations on their own or guided by the teacher!

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expOdyssey – Mission: Area Measurement

3rd Grade Math – 3.MD.C.5.a Understand Area Is Measured In Unit Squares

A great introduction to the topic of area measurement! It tasks students with collecting resources from an alien planet by measuring the area of multiple two-dimensional shapes!

Available on LoL platform

8th Grade Math – 8.EE.A.1 Integer Exponents

ExpOdyssey is a wonderful resource for the topic of integer exponents. Students are tasked to bring a spaceship back to Earth by simplifying exponential expressions using their properties.

Available on LoL platform
Know thyself

The “Gnothi Sauton” (Know thyself) is a quiz in Greek which amuses you while you acquire knowledge and lets you compete with other players

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Slide Puzzle Light

This is an evolution of the classic sliding puzzle.

A great, creative and entertaining game with many features.

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Zombie Targets

In 2075 the world war IV is ending. The last zombies are in the desert. As a soldier you have the order to defend and keep this Area clear of zombies.

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An interactive game with suspense. Live a spectacular experience out of earth… For those who are eager for action!!!

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